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1981: Bill Patton, a man of strong faith and convictions, and his wife Marilee, gathered together several of their friends to share their 'Vision' of establishing a Christian school in Berlin MD. Many of them were members of various churches and denominations in the Berlin-Ocean City area. As there was no day care or preschool within 45 miles, the goal was to provide early education onward, for children ages 2 to 18.

  • It was also a way of bringing the inter-racial community together with a shared purpose based on overall core beliefs and values: a healthy sustainable future for their children.

  • Together they established the Eastern Shore Christian Academy (ESCA) on Synepuxent Road, Berlin, MD. Utilizing the vacated parsonage building, behind a small country church, on the entire property that Bill & Marilee purchased from the United Methodist Church, as it relocated to a new church building some distance away.

  • As a working mother with two small boys, ages 2 1/2 and 6 months old, my friends invited me to join the 'Mission' of the area's only Christian school, Preschool to 12th grade. My oldest son was enrolled immediately, and the younger eighteen months later.

It's important for me to state that though I was 'a believer' and claimed the Methodist religion as my affiliation - I wasn't a regular church attendee, but I had experienced some serious challenges, and amazing miracles in my life's journey. There was always a deep sense of 'helping and service'.

1983: The Easton Church of God Assembly was located in Easton MD and wanted to 'plant' a sister church in the Berlin community. The leadership of the Eastern Shore Christian Academy agreed for 'Brother Bill' to sell the property including both school and the vacant Church, to the Assembly for       $ 1.00, with the school continuance managed by the ESCA as before.

  • Believing that our commitment to the school, necessitated more knowledge of the Church (Pentecostal) on the grounds, my husband and I attended the first service. We were two of the 5 adults present. Pastor Ron Soulsman and his wife Nancy, new clergy sent from Easton, another mother of two children in the school (missing her Baptist Church service), and my household.  There were six children completing the 'congregation'.

  • Within a month, my family formally joined the Berlin-Ocean City Church of God; I became the leader of the Outreach Ministries, others came to start the Music, Nursing Home, Singles, and Bible Study Ministries, and within a year, 250 members in the pews, children in the Sunday School and Nursery, and the school campus expanded. I remained a member of the Church until 1994.

1998:Completing my faith-based inspirational novels and earning further credentials, and B.A. in Biblical Studies & Counseling, Theology degrees at Trinity College & Seminary (Methodist).


  • I established Lighthouse Beacon Church Beacon Institute, inter-denominational 'church without walls' ministry on the Internet via a website, because our work and deeds then, now, and will always be in 'The Mission Fields'.  Our member's faith is shown by our works and deeds.

​Sharon (Schlerf) Newcomb

Chaplain & President of the Association known as

Lighthouse Beacon Church - Beacon Institute (Missions)

Sharon (Schlerf) Newcomb

Michael W Newcomb, Vice-President


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